Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Believe it or not, sometimes newspapers make mistakes. I know you don't want to believe it, but it's true. I'm sorry to shatter your faith in the press so harshly.

Anyway, when Newspapers Go Bad, they often print corrections. This happens often enough that there's even an entire blog dedicated to them: (NB: Cats happen often enough that there are thousands of blogs dedicated to them.)

Today, everyone in the blogsphere has been on a Correctofrenzy over a couple of funny and/or absurd corrections makin' the meta'news.

First, a correction that makes the Wall Street Journal look extemely ridiculous:
NEWS CORP.'S Fox News was incorrectly described in a page-one article Monday as being sympathetic to the Bush cause.
One imagines that the Journal decided to print this correction to avoid a lawsuit, not because the statement made wasn't observably correct.

And here's a correction from the New York Times that Andrew Sullivan says is a sign of the times:
A headline last Sunday about a wedding the previous evening misspelled the given name of the bride who was married to Jeffrey Alan Trogolo. She was Julia Saidenberg, not Julian.
Can a doctoral thesis "Correcting the Quo: Politics and Culture in Early 21 Century United States as Evidenced through Newspaper Corrections" be far away? No. It cannot.

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