Friday, October 29, 2004

Election round-up

Over here at On the Fence, we're biting our nails, lighting votive candles and checking several times a day in the lead-up to the Presidential Election to End All Presidential Elections. Here's some of the news you don't need to know:

Item A: How John McCain could end up president. [Via Coshitry: The Art of Killing a Cat.]

Item B: The Bush Campaign's Fun with Fotoshop!

Item C: Zogby says Kerry is going to win on The Daily Show. No link! I saw it with me own eyes! [Perhaps his confidence is because of this new Florida poll. More polls, please. Addicted. Need fix.]

Item D: Germany's largest-circulation newspaper endorses Bush. Reverse psychology, anyone?

Item E: Tommy Douglas neck and neck with Don Cherry! My man Lester "Carpet-pisser" Pearson in a sad, sad eighth place!

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