Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Sultan of Swing States

I am completely addicted to Aside from its brilliant, frequently-updated map of the U.S.A., this non-partisan site is always chock full of neat little tidbits like this:
Survey USA has polled over 20,000 people in 14 states and 21 cities to ask who won the first debate. In 11 states and 15 cities Kerry was the clear winner. In 2 states and 6 cities, Bush was the clear winner. Colorado was a tossup. Ominously for Bush, the 2 states that said he won the debate are Texas and Oklahoma, which he has in the bag already, but the states that gave Kerry the win include Oregon (by 19%), Maine (by 18%), Pennsylvania (by 22%), Arkansas (by 12%), and most significantly Florida (by 24%).
Come on, post-debate polls... I need a fix.

Number LVII in a Series on the Uselessness of the Political Spectrum: Red Ken

The traditional left vs. right understanding of politics no longer makes any sense. The so-called right pushes legislation that would have been seen as left-wing a few decades ago, while the so-called left embraces concepts that would have been seen as right-wing until just recently.

This is On the Fence's personal dead horse, and we like to flog it as often as possible.

The Globe and Mail's Doug Saunders has an excellent profile today (pay site, sorry) of "Red Ken", the mayor of London, who talks the socialist talk, but walks the law-and-order and pro-business walk. Former whipping boy of Thatcher, Ken Livingston has made friends with the police and businessmen and admires former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, a staunch Republican who he describes as "the standard by which all mayors will be judged in the future."

Here's is a wildly popular politican not blinded by ideology -- which I define as thinking by a system, rather than thinking for yourself -- but acting in the best interests of his constituents. It's no surprise he's a mayor, one of the few political positions left where it's not all about the Party.

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