Tuesday, November 02, 2004

As the Sun Rises on E-day...

...I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a Kerry victory. And -- if turnout is high -- I think it'll happen. Zogby and Electoral-vote.com, the two sources I inexplicably trust, tell me so. Knock e-wood.

Should Kerry indeed win (more nervous knocking), I urge those conservatives among my readership not to despair.. I honestly think you'll be better served by Kerry than Bush. But, as my little fence usually leans a little to the left, I'll forgive you for not believing me. I do, however, urge you to consider the opinion of some of the right-wing, (neo)conservative and/or hawk writers and bloggers and politicians who are supporting Kerry:

- David Aaronovitch
- Andrew Sullivan
- Francis Fukuyama
- The Economist, The New Republic and the Financial Times editorial boards
- Walter Olson (who advised on the first Bush campaign)
- Steve Chapman
- Bob Barr
- Daniel W. Drezner
- Jesse Ventura
- Josh Chafetz
- Marlow W. Cook
- Kevin Phillips
... and there are many others I'm too lazy to look up.

[After consideration, I have removed the unclassifiable, on-the-fence heroine Camille Paglia from the list...]

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