Monday, November 22, 2004

Blogging from Independence Square

Einsodernull is keeping track of some of the Ukrainian bloggers writing in English. There's:

-- Blog de Connard, an American in Kiev or Kyiv or however you want to spell it, has been down to Independence Square and taking pictures of the peaceful pro-Yushchenko protest there.

-- Neeka's Backlog has been down there too and says that reports are saying that he protestors number close to 100,000 now.

-- Obdymok seems to be writing right from Independence Square, but I'm not sure...

-- Windowglass has put up a "STATEMENT OF THE UKRAINIAN DIASPORA ON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN UKRAINE," declaring that the Ukrainian World Congress and Ukrainian Canadian Congress recognize Victor Yushchenko as the rightful President.

-- Sue and Not U isn't actually in Ukraine, but she was an observer in the first round of the elections and has lots of interesting reportage on abuses she witnessed first hand.

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