Monday, November 15, 2004

More Wire Bashing!

Bourque is linking -- tongue firmly planted in cheek, I think -- to this AP story today, AP's leader says Internet represents the future of news:
LOS ANGELES -- The future of news is online, and traditional media outlets must learn to tailor their products for consumers who demand instant, personalized information, the head of The Associated Press said Friday.
The growth of high-speed broadband connections is leading to a future in which computers are always on "and so are the users," Tom Curley, president and chief executive officer of the world's largest news organization, told the Online News Association conference in Hollywood.
Ignore for the moment, the inherent metaridiculousness of a news story about the wire service that has generated said news story. Instead, focus on the head-shaking ridiculousness that AP's president and CEO has only figured this out now. (If you like, you can also chuckle at the fact that most people who read this story today will be reading it online.)

It never ceases to amaze me how far the media CEOs of the world are behind the journalists they employ and those who consume their product. The future is a good four years ago, Mr. Curley.

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