Sunday, November 28, 2004

Quote of the weekend

"What an old snob you are."

- Mark Starowicz, executive producer of The Greatest Canadian, to The Globe and Mail's John Allemang, after Allemang asked him why Mary Walsh appeared in only a towel in one scene from the much-maligned CBC series.

P.S. How annoying is it that The Globe and Mail site has different names for different sections from its print edition? Why "Entertainment" instead of "Review"? Very difficult to find what you're looking for, especially since the "search" function doesn't work well.

Speaking of...

An hour ago, I went and cast my vote for Lester B. Pearson, after a friend in Ottawa reminded me to vote via MSN. She, a biologist, voted for Suzuki -- as did the Sierra Club of Canada. Her boyfriend voted for Gretzky. Colby Cosh voted for Don Cherry. The University of Western Ontario, the Canadian Diabetes Association and the City of London supported Banting, and Terry Fox Secondary School in Port Coquitlam, B.C., supported John A. Macdonald.

Just kidding, the school is supporting Fox; the mayor of Kingston, however, sent out a press release last month endorsing Macdonald. Jack Layton and the NDP supported Douglas. As I just found out by googling "Nestruck" and "Greatest Canadian" looking for the piece I wrote about the show, my father is apparently supporting Trudeau.

Alexander Graham Bell? Well, not so many people are voting for eugenics-lovin' Bell, currently dead last in the standings. Even Branfort, Ontario -- The Telephone City -- is splitting its support between Bell and hometown hero Gretsky. Oh, some guy on the Royal Canadian Legion website voted for Bell, sure, but that's about it...

At the Pierre Berton Award dinner on Thursday, which I covered for the Post's Review and Books section, Starowicz told me that Douglas didn't have a sure lock on the top place. He said that there was a surprising push for Banting -- probably coming from the 2 million Canadians who live with diabetes.

I haven't had luck predicting ANY election results in the past year, so I think I'll keep my predictions of the winner to myself.

Oh, what the hell, I suspect Douglas is going to ride it out. But I'm not entering any more friggin' office pools...

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