Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Revolution will be blogged...

Everything is changing in Ukraine every few hours, so for up-to-date information GoogleNews is a better resource than this blog could ever be. One advantage of GoogleNews is that Russian news sources come up too -- as you can imagine they have a different perspective on things. Here's BBC's round-up of what the Ukrainian and Russian papers are saying, by the by.

I also encourage you to check out Maidan, which is described as "An Internet Hub for Civil Resistance to Authoritarianism in Ukraine." It is bloggesque in design and has its own XML feed. Neeka's Backlog continues to be a fascinating read and I wish she posted more often. The Periscope is frequently updated with new news, too, with one of their contributors in Lviv translating local news furiously. Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer, who had been in Kyiv as an election observer, was updating the Denver Post via his Blackberry, but is now trying to get a flight out to make it home for Thanksgiving. [Hat tip: Maderblog.]

The Canadian Embassy in Kyiv has a good list of Ukrainian media sources. Infoukes has an excellent list of sources too, including a link to the disputed electoral map that shows the, uh, yellow states versus the browny-orange states...

As far as I can tell, things are remaining upbeat. The rumours of riot police beating protestors and Russian army tanks converging on Kyiv seem to be just that: rumours. Again, people on the ground in and around Maidan Nezalezhnosti -- Independence Square -- or elsewhere seem to be optimistic. I just heard Andrew Robinson, the Canadian Ambassor to Ukraine, on CBC Radio saying, "The mood is positive, not one of violence or antagonism."

What I would like to read more about is what is going on in the mainly pro-government East, but most Western journalists are stationed in Kyiv covering the gigantic demonstration. That, understandably, is where all the attention is right now.

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