Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rock, Paper, Bush.

I've been trying to formulate a post today, but I've been having trouble. Yeah, I'm disappointed. I wanted Kerry to win. But it's not Bush's election that I'm so down about, per se. Rather it's that:

a) Young voters didn't end up showing up in great numbers like I had hoped. My age group is still lazy/apathetic;

b) The increase in voter turn-out seems to be mainly due to people motivated to pass state gay union bans -- all of which passed. "Moral values" was the most important issue for voters.

I understand people who vote a certain way out of fear of terrorism. I understand the Bush Doctine, understand its appeal, and have a certain respect for people who believe in it, even if I think it is largely a mistake and being applied in an ill-conceived manner.

I don't, however, understand people who vote a certain way based on a hatred of homosexuals and a fear of gay and lesbians expressing love and committment the way they do. This is why I'm sad today.

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