Thursday, November 25, 2004

We are all Ukrainians...

Yesterday, Prime Minister Anne McLellan stood up in the House of Commons and announced:
Considering the allegations of serious and significant electoral fraud from international and Canadian election observers, the government of Canada cannot accept that the announced results by the central election commission reflect the true, democratic will of the Ukrainian people.
Canada rejects the announced final results.
Later that day, CTV reports, "MPs held an emergency debate during which they unanimously agreed to denounce the election outcome. According to the parliamentary secretary to the Foreign Affairs minister, Dan McTeague, that rare show of parliamentary solidarity underscores Canadians' concerns."
As David Mader wrote yesterday, "Hear, hear! It has been a long time since this government made me proud." Absolutely! I too was proud that Canada was the second country (after the U.S.) to reject the results.
I am also heartened by the determination of Yushchenko's supporters, not only to keep fighting, but to keep the struggle non-violent. The next steps they are taking are a nationwide strike and a Supreme Court challenge to the fraudulent election results.
Not much constructive happened at the EU-Russia summit, though, notably, Putin said, "From my perspective all issues concerning the elections ... should be addressed in accordance with the constitution. All claims should go to the court." That is a tad more flexible than his previous reaction to the election debacle, which was basically to repeatedly call Viktor Yanukovych and congratulate him... The courts are perhaps the key to overturning the results without Russia losing too much face.

A couple other quick things:

-- Novelist Andrei Kurkov has a comment piece in the Guardian today.

-- The Kyiv Post has smartened up and made its web site available to the world for free.

-- I spilt yoghurt on my bright orange sweater yesterday, leaving me with no clean clothing of an orange hue – or so I thought. This morning I triumphantly pulled an orange t-shirt out of the drawer that I didn’t realise was there. It doesn't match anything, but what the heck. Where's NDP paraphenalia when you need it?

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