Monday, November 08, 2004

Who were those undecided voters? Homer Simpsons.

So says Politics Watch:
Conservative MP Andrew Scheer, a 25-year-old MP who admits to trying to come up with a way to make a Simpsons reference in the House, said he thinks Homer is a Bush backer.

"As a middle-income earner, 2.5 kids type of guy, I suspect he's probably a Republican. He sort of fits that demographic pretty well," said Scheer. "And there was that one episode where he was quite enthusiastic about his gun ownership."

But Homer's employment at the Springfield nuclear plant puts him in a union. He was even president of the union in one episode. Exit polling data hurts Simpson's chance of being a Republican, as 61 per cent of union members supported John Kerry.

And he's no fan of the Bush family, having once attacked George Bush senior during an escalating feud when the former president moved to Springfield briefly to write his memoirs.
So who did Homer vote for? It's the biggest Springfield mystery since the Who Shot Mr. Burns? episode.

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