Friday, December 17, 2004

Another National Post Blogger

Yep. Rock 'n' Roll Nigga now sits 15 feet away from On the Fence.

A question: If Popwherry does indeed sit 50 feet away from Rock 'n' Roll Nigga and the angle formed by the line PW --> RNRN --> OTF is approximately 120 degrees, what is the distance between Popwherry's and On the Fence's cubicles in metres?

First person to answer this mathematical question correctly gets this On The Fence prize: A copy of Lights, Camera, Democracy! Selected essays by Lewis Lapham. (Shipping to anywhere in Canada included.)

And in other blog news...

I'm enjoying this one. And maybe if I post something about it on my blog, I'll remember to add it to my blogroll. Yeah.

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