Thursday, December 16, 2004

Irony Brings Us Together... for the Holidays.

Paul Tuns has some links to extreme right-wing paraphenalia just in time for Christmas. He suggests that you buy something for your favourite liberal-hater, but, ya know, I just can’t see a conservative wearing one of these gawdy t-shirts. After all, conservatives are kind of… conservative. No offence.

I do, however, think that some of these could be the hot ticket item this year for your friendly neighbourhood jaded urban hipster. This "Bush Kills Terrorists Dead" t-shirt? Come on. Some guy in a trucker hat is sitting at the Drake Hotel just waiting to wear it... And the gal next to him is totally slapping herself and wishing she had thought of naming her band I (heart) Halliburton.

And this beer stein with the Statue of Liberty holding up a machine gun? Even I want one of those.

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