Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Shooting the (MSN) Messenger

From today's National Post: Technology spawning teen 'monster parties'.
Cellphones and text messaging are allowing teenagers to quickly spread news of a house part to friends, causing controlled gatherings to explode into "monster parties," according to police.

Toronto officers issued a warning yesterday about out-of-control teenage parties after 18-year-old Tanner Hopkins was stabbed to death on Saturday in the driveway of his family's upscale home.
In other same news, stabbings are the rise:
"I see a trend with young people, I see a trend with weapons being used more often," police Chief Julian Fantino said Monday as he addressed the city's third fatal knifing involving teens this month.

"When you look at how . . . these stabbings occurred, they're really the kind of things that years ago, at most, it would have been a punch-up. Now we seem to be intent on pulling out a knife and plunging it into the heart of a young person."
Yes, two completely different angles on the same police press conference. Which one would you choose?

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