Wednesday, December 15, 2004

There will be a hockey season. Ron MacLean guarantees it.

The story today is that the NHL lockout ain't going to end and the players and owners are more divided than ever. But if you're a hockey fan, don't sweat it: There will be a season, says Ron MacLean.

On Monday night at the Gemini Awards, MacLean personally guaranteeed it backstage. Unfortunately, this quote got buried in my National Post article about the Geminis (not online), because, well, it wasn't particularly relevant to what I was writing. I figured I should highlight it here to give hope to the depressed masses:
In a subsequent [Gemini] sketch, out-of-work sportscasters Ron MacLean and Don Cherry from Hockey Night in Canada auditioned to be V.J.s on MuchMusic. MacLean, who picked up the Gemini for best host in a sports program for Hockey Day in Canada, told reporters backstage that the hockey lockout that has kept him off the air will soon be over. "I guarantee you here tonight ... the season will resume late in January, or by Groundhog Day," he said.
So there you have it. Straight from the horse-faced man's mouth.

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