Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thirty-Two Short Notes about Pierre Berton

1) Here's my article from the National Post today (no subscription necessary), including interviews with Graeme Gibson, Rick Mercer, and Farley Mowat. The most fun to interview was Mowat, who, at 83, is still a really feisty fellow. While talking about his recently-deceased friend, Mowat shamelessly plugged his latest book No Man's Land (his 39th) and asked me if I'd mention it in my article. He also told me that now that Berton's gone, maybe he'll have a fighting chance of catching up to Berton's record of 50 books. (Some say 50, some say 77 with his series of children's paperbacks. I don't know if either of these numbers include Masquerade - 15 Variations on a Theme of Sexual Fantasy, a book Berton wrote under the pseudonym Lisa Kroniuk in 1985.)

2) And here's "an archeological or geological study of Berton’s sideburns" from a 1983 issue of Toronto Life, dug out and posted on Geist publisher Stephen Osborne's

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