Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Untie the Right

Boy, they're really posting the cat over at the Western Standard's Shotgun blog, where theocon Kathy Shaidle and retrocon Norman Spector have been duking it out like two kids in a playground. (Colby Cosh has the background.)

Can't the different colours of the Canadian conservative rainbow debate each other in a friendly fashion like The American Scene kids currently dishing on Andrew Sullivan's blog? Nope. They can't. And that, folks, is the so-called problem with Canadian Conservatism. (Not necessarily one that I am eager to solve or see solved.)

But this flame war is old news in the incestuous CanConBlogosphere... I'm a couple of days behind because I packed up my things and took the VIA train that starts near the glowing Redpath Sugar sign in Toronto and ends near the glowing Farine Five Roses sign in Montreal. Now I can bake a nice holiday cake. (Which I might wash down with the giant Guarantee milk bottle.)

As the holidays are here, I'm trying to post lightly and post light thoughts until 2005 shows its ugly mug. So no deep thoughts for the next couple of weeks, k?


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