Friday, January 21, 2005

But it's a dry cold...

Greetings from sunny and surprisingly not-so-cold Winnipeg, the Prairie town where this intrepid blogger was born and is now passing a few days at TremblayFest immersing himself in the works of Montreal playwright Michel Tremblay. If all of the productions I see here this weekend are as brilliant as the Hosanna I saw last night at the MTC Warehouse, it will be a weekend of bliss...

So much has changed re: Winnipeg since I was last here some four years ago, not least of all the cost of getting here. Good god, $230 round-trip all taxes and levies included is comparable to what I pay to take the train from Toronto to Montreal and back. When I was a kid, it would cost twice that.

WestJet, by the way, aside from being cheap was also very comfortable, the attendants apologized profusely for being a mere half an hour late (ahem, VIA rail!), and I was able to watch President Bush's inauguration on the little satellite TVs in the back of every seat.

(Say what you will about his policies, Bush the Younger has incredible speechwriters. There were great echoes of Kennedy's "Ask not.." inauguration speech there. Actually, I see a number of parallels between Kennedy and Bush -- especially in the idealism/naivety of their foreign policies.)

Anyway, more on and from the 'Peg later.

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