Friday, January 07, 2005

Dr. Delillo’s House of Horrors

Today, White Noise, a horror movie starring Michael Keaton with the same title as an acclaimed Don Delillo novel, opens across the continent. Last year, Underworld, a vampire/werewolf movie starring Kate Beckinsale with the same title as an acclaimed Don Delillo novel, scared hearts and minds around the world.

Adaptations gone horribly, horribly awry? Or just a terrible Delilliputian coincidence?

If White Noise is a success, can we expect more filmmakers to follow suit? Will we see...

More Horror Movies with the Same Titles as Don Delillo's Books?

Genre: Teen horrorEnd Zone
Tagline: Before you go to the school dance, don’t forget to check your…. HORRORscope!

Mao II
Genre: Zombie / Hong Kong horror
Tagline: Get out your dunce cap. The Chairman's back.

The Names
Genre: M. Night Shyamalan rip-off
Tagline: Recess is over. Time for Roll Call.

End Zone
Genre: Stephen King horror starring Christopher Walken and directed by David Cronenberg
Tagline: Touch... Down.

Genre: Technophobic dystopian horror
Tagline: In the city of the future, everyone is controlled by robots and little computer chips implanted in their brain.

Genre: Left-wing American dystopian horror
Tagline: Are you now or have you ever been DEAD?

Running Dog
Genre: Right-wing American dystopian horror
Tagline: The Berlin Wall has fallen. The other way.

The Body Artist
Genre: Serial killer thriller
Tagline: He wants to make you his masterpiece…

Nightmare on Great Jones Street
Genre: Yet another Freddy movie
Tagline: Soon it’ll be… Great BONES Street!

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