Monday, February 07, 2005

He Cometh.

A January 3, 2004 On the Fence entry:
Thanks to Canada's life + 50 years copyright laws, all published works by people who died in 1953 have now entered the public domain in this country.
So I'd expect an Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953) festival to be started by some enterprising Canuck any day now. (In the States, his copyright still holds. See this Law Blog entry for confusing details.)
Let's see... I can see the programme now: Long Day's Journey Into Night, Desire Under the Elms, and The Iceman Cometh, with a couple of obscurer plays thrown in, Hughie and More Stately Mansions. Plus, an innovative updating of one of his plays titled mourning.becomes.(e)lectra.

A February 8, 2005 newspaper article: "As the curtain fell last night on Manitoba Theatre Centre's fifth master playwright festival, TremblayFest, MTC announced its sixth festival next winter will be dedicated to Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright Eugene O'Neill."

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