Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm not even on the Supreme Court anymore...

My friend Marci told me to take this quiz. Turns out I'm most in tune with a retired Justice... How depressing.

You are were the Honourable Mr. Justice Frank Iacobucci.
(64.0% match)

[Click for official biography]

Born: 1937, Vancouver, B.C.
Appointed: 1991
Key word: "experience"

You are the longest-serving of the current puisne Justices, and represent a voice of experience and authority. In our sample of ten cases, you followed the majority on all of them - or maybe the majority followed you. You co-wrote important opinions in Trinity Western (anti-homosexual code of conduct at teaching college) and Doucet-Boudreau (French-language education/right of trial judge to retain jurisdiction).

Which Canadian Supreme Court Justice are you? v0.1 by mskala

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