Monday, February 07, 2005

Just get me to the Church on time.

Clifford Krauss, the New York Times' most mediocre foreign correspondent, had a piece yesterday with this most formidable lede:
To read the newspapers here, it might seem as if gay and lesbian couples are beating down the doors of Toronto's City Hall for marriage licenses. But no: While they talk a lot about marriage, they don't do a lot of marrying.
I think this is the case with the majority of heterosexuals as well. All those months -- if not years -- of being engaged and having showers and picking out bridesmaids dresses, and then Bride and Groom spend but a single day getting married. Sometimes they devote just an afternoon to marrying. The gall!

My favourite "factoid" in the article is that "[T]he gay and lesbian marriage rate has been falling in Canada over the last year, after an initial burst of weddings..."

So they track the "gay and lesbian marriage rate" on a month by month basis, do they? Could it not be falling because homosexuals -- just like heterosexuals -- prefer to get married in the summer?

Perhaps they should track this figure on a day to day basis... My bet is that the there is a dramatic decrease in gay and lesbian weddings on weekdays.

Yeah. Good article there, Kraussy. Good one.

Ooh! Withering sarcasm! Take that Old Grey Lady! If you can't stand the snark, get off of the Internet! Zammo!

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