Friday, February 18, 2005

Montreal: Cool in its own eyes

Funny quote by Stars' Torquil Campbell (On the Fence Frontman of the Year 2005) in this Maclean's article in reaction to the Spin, NYT, etc. stories: "I'm sure that everybody in America thinks that everyone in Montreal is now very excited. But the X factor of Montreal is that it's a francophone city with a rich, vibrant history that's been cool in the eyes of itself for decades. I don't think it's particularly affected by what happens with a few indie rock bands." [Emphasis mine, heh, heh.]

And here's another Maclean's article: Canadian Rock Music Explodes. (From 1995!)

Maclean's Post-script

What kind of a lame weekly poll is this on the Maclean's site?
In your opinion, Chrétien's theatrics at the Gomery inquiry:
- were an attempt to retaliate against Gomery's earlier comments
- deflected attention from his testimony
- failed to detract from what he said on the stand.
Uh... All of the above?

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