Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ogilvy Renault Tops in Law Firm Trinketry!

Everyone knows about Ogilvy Renault's world-famous "Westmount cheap" golf balls. But did you know that the law firm that employs such notables as ex-PM Brian Mulroney, Gomery inquiry chief counsel Bernard Roy, and Gomery's daughter Sally Gomery produces all kinds of high-class give-away merchandise?

At career days at law schools, Ogilvy Renault cereal (pictured here at Verstehen) is always a hit among the soon-to-be lawyerati. In fact, a McGill law magazine recently ranked Ogilvy Renault's custom boxes of Muslix as "Best trinket of the year" beating out Goodman and Carr's black backpacks, Aird Berlis calculators, Perley Robertson pens, Gowlings mugs and Weir Foulds juggling balls.

(Imagine if Ogilvy Renault had plunked its logo on juggling balls... How much more fun would Chretien's circus act on the stand last week have been?)

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