Monday, February 07, 2005

Only Reconnect

For those of you dying to know the conclusion to my Scruples dilemma of Friday, I did come clean in the end. I brought my disabled phone in to Telus and told the truth about my mobile-loo fiasco. (I found Ian King's advice -- just buy a new phone and write it off on my taxes -- the most convincing and delightfully On-The-Fence-esque.)

Now here's the good part: After I explained to the Telus dude what had happened, he tried turning the phone on and it started up okay for the first time since it had sunk to the bottom of my toilet. After turning it on and off a couple more times, the signal came back and everything was back to normal -- no new phone needed.

I'm convinced that this was a sign that I had done the right thing. So, to all the kids out there who read this blog, this is my message to you: Always tell the truth. But always procrastinate a good 24 hours before doing so. The metaphorical inner workings of your metaphorical cell phone will dry in that amount of time.

This advice may not apply to all situations. But in certain situations, it will save you a couple hundred bucks.

Also, stay in school.

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