Sunday, March 20, 2005

Canadian Film-Flam

So, I thought I'd like to go see that comedy Phil the Alien this afternoon... But the only place it was playing anywhere near me had only a single showing at 9:45 pm. So I didn't go.

Maybe, if I'm lucky, it'll still be open next weekend. Sigh.

Speaking of, here's the list of nominees for the 2005 Genie Awards, which is "celebrating" its 25th anniversary this year. How many of these Canadian films have you seen in the past year? I've only seen five and it's kinda part of my job to watch movies...

Liam Lacey's got a fun history of the Genies here. Here, CP's John Mackay explains why Being Julia is nominated for Best Picture, but is ineligible for the acting or directing categories and doesn't explain why The Triplets of Belleville is nominated this year instead of last year when it was up for an Oscar. And here, Guy Dixon explains why neither the Oscar-nominated Hardwood and Naomi Klein's The Take are not up for Best Documentary.

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