Monday, March 14, 2005

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day...

A lime green puppy was born in Saskatoon. Awwww!


I hope you don't think this means that I've gone and "posted the pup" -- an offense only slightly less severe than posting the cat...

I mean, there are plenty of serious things that I'd like to write about. For instance, I'm beginning to think we should let the private sector into our health care system a little bit. Really. Also, I'd like to try to understand why the Conservatives are criticizing the Liberals over the collapse of a crappy private company like Jetsgo.

Anyway, yeah, I'd be writing about these things but I've got a cold. Again. So all you get today is a lime green dog. Sigh.

Choose Your Own Monday Schadenfreude!

Oh, if you're into it, why not go check out the gleeful message boards over at "Sorry you lost your shitty job at a shitty airline," writes Frank D.

If you are a former employee of Jetsgo or you are missing out on your vacation because your Jetsgo flight was cancelled or you are Michel Leblanc, however, you can get your recommended dose of Monday Schadenfreude by reading about how researchers have determined that ugly children are loved less than cute children.

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