Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Laureate Lennie?

There is a plot afoot to get Leonard Cohen nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, as was reported in the National Post today (by me)... CBC Radio's Paul Kennedy is launching the campaign on Saturday at Blue Metropolis, Montreal's fine bilingual literary festival:
During a panel discussion... the host of CBC Radio's Ideas will make the case that Cohen is worthy of the $1.7-million prize, backed up by writer George Elliott Clarke, playwright and poet Michel Garneau, college professor Edward Palumbo and jazz singer Karen Young.
"I hope this is a standing-room only, people-hanging-from-the-rafters event," says Kennedy, who also plans to dedicate his April 18 radio broadcast to the Cohen campaign. "There are a lot of people in Montreal who are very passionate about Leonard Cohen ... He's different from a celebrity; he's almost God."
Some folks in the blogosphere are weighing in here and here and here.
Me, I'm all in favour of Cohen winning it. There was a similar attempt to get Bob Dylan nominated a few years back, but the difference, I'd say, is that Dylan is a songwriter who is also a poet, while Cohen is a poet who happens to be a songwriter -- like, for instance, John Donne was. (What Cohen said on the matter was that Dylan was Picasso, while he was Matisse.)

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