Thursday, March 24, 2005

Meet Your New Senators!

Here are the nine new Senate appointees: Roméo Dallaire of Quebec, Jim Cowan of Nova Scotia, Art Eggleton of Ontario, Nancy Ruth of Ontario, Lillian Dyck of Saskatchewan, Robert Peterson of Saskatchewan, Grant Mitchell of Alberta, Elaine McCoy of Alberta and Claudette Tardif of Alberta. Of interest: Dyck is the first ever New Democrat to sit in the Senate; Ruth and McCoy are sitting as Progressive Conservatives, not Conservatives.

The Red Chamber seems almost too dirty a place for Lt. Gen. Dallaire, especially when he's appointed alongside former Minister of Defence Art Eggleton, Ol' Slippery Ethics. I must admit here, however, that the main reason I don't like Eggleton much is that he once butted into a buffet line at a play opening I was at. I knew then he was no democrat.

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