Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Lipstick Liberals!
Lipstick Liberal Lesbians...
The Young Liberals of Canada are at it again! (Actual Liberals not pictured.)
You may recall the "controversial" Young Liberals of Canada's Quebec wing's christmas card -- which featured a couple of hot young ladies making out as Santa gave the thumbs up and wished everyone a "gay holiday season."
Well now the Young Liberals of Canada are launching a "charter campaign" supporting same-sex marriage on Thursday with this fine picture accompanying their press release...

Examining this photo closely, I question whether these two young women are really ready to commit to that life-long partnership we call marriage. But what the heck, let's give 'em a chance.

The sad thing is that the defendmarriage.ca webpage that led me to the Young Liberals of Canada warned, "beware of content". Sigh... Does that betray the mindset of most of the anti-same-sex marriage crowd or what? We just want to defend freedom of religion and the traditional definition of marriage... oh, and girls kissing is gross. Beware!

[I wonder whether a certain McGill Daily sex columnist who happens to be on the YLC executive has anything to do with these pictures?]

UPDATE: Hey kids and/or Young Liberals! Check out the comments, where I am outwitted by bloggers Matthew Hayday and Paul Wells.

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