Friday, March 18, 2005

Speaking of mythical moments in Montreal history...

I just came across this neat site dedicated to Expo 67: Man and his World, an event still talked about in reverent tones by Montrealers and former Montrealers. (Unlike the 1976 Olympics, which are talked about in angry-taxpayer tones.) My father, for instance, still puts on his resume that he was the youngest member of the official Expo 67 band.
Growing up in anglo Montreal in the 80s, I must admit I found the endless nostalgia for Montreal circa 1967 a little annoying. The implication was always that it was the beginning of the end, that Expo was the city's greatest moment and everything went downhill from there.
There's a huge generation gap between pre-Expo and post-Olympics Anglos. And as the latter have exerted themselves more and more over the past decade, Montreal has become a much more optimistic place to live... Nostalgia can be a real bummer.
Here's a picture of the highly-symbolic fire at the biosphere in 1976. Burn, baby, burn.
Biosphere on Fire

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