Monday, April 25, 2005

Mr. J. Kelly Nestruck has been eaten by the cats.

Gather 'round, friends. I have an announcement to make: On the Fence is going on hiatus. Possibly forever.

First of all, I should make it very clear that this has nothing to do with Brent Tyler or the Gomery Inquiry. I decided about a month ago that I would stop blogging on April 6, my birthday. And so, I am.

I'd rather go out with a bang –- my Gomery posts have brought a record number of visitors here this week -- than "post the cat" like the Shotgun anyway... (Zing!)

It's just a matter of wanting to work on other projects. I write all day at work and then generally spend about an hour or so a day writing on this blog either before work or after. I'd like to use that time to work on creative projects for a while. Or, as Rick Salutin advised me, use it to stay away from the computer and read some books.

I’d also like to start expanding some of the ideas I get into full-fledged articles, essays and stories, rather than prematurely ejaculating them onto my blog.

Also, I’d like to stop staying up until three a.m. blogging on work nights. And I’d like to –- just for a while –- not go on the Internet until I get to work in the morning.

Hey: blogging has been a lot of fun. Soooo much fun. And I miss it even as I write this.

But it's got tougher as my career as a reporter (note: most MSM bloggers are columnists rather than reporters, which makes a difference) has progressed. I keep having real-life encounters with the journalists that I’ve mocked here: I had to interview David Macfarlane for the Post the other week; I met the gal behind the infamous Middle School Oral Sex Epidemic story in the Globe at a party last month; after making fun of a certain theatre critic, I got an e-mail from his editor.

How can you have fun blogging when you lose your appetite for making fun of the MSM?

Don’t take this as a repudiation of the blogosphere. I continue to think blogs are awesome. And I’ll continue to be an avid blog reader.

And I will actually keep blogging about theatre over at Torontoist. And I’ll probably come crawling back next election…

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog from the very beginning: My friends, my McGill Daily readers, the Fringe Festival folks… Thanks to Anders Yates and Sean Carrie for filling in on rare occasions… Thanks to Paul Wells and Colby Cosh, two bloggocolumnists who I admire very much, for sending people over here once in a while. Thanks to Warren Kinsella for giving me a hard time and readers. Thanks to those non-MSM bloggers who have been on my blogroll from the start.

And to my friends in other cities, who I sort of originally maintained this blog for when I moved to Toronto: We’re going to have to start e-mailing like in olden days.

Without further ado, here are my favourite On the Fence moments from the past two years and two months:

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May 1, 2003: The time Phillip Crawley and John Honderich told me that Ken Whyte was fired on the day I was supposed to beginning working at the National Post.

May 29, 2003: The time I compared and contrasted the oeuvres of Eminem and W.S. Gilbert.

June 13, 2003: My very first blogged Fringe Festival.

July 11, 2003: The time Pedro Martinez found my cell phone, the story ran on the front of the National Post, and a guy called me "much worse than Eckler" on the (smearly-departed) Frank website.

November 23, 2003: My first time as a movie junket whore.

December 13, 2003: The first time I dreamt about Don Boudria.

January 17, 2004: A really high-concept post about Henry James and the motorcycle movie Torque.

February 9, 2004: The Middle School Oral Sex Epidemic explodes: "I remember one Grade 9 rumour that a certain girl had given head to a guy with herpes at a party. Perhaps The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and CBC could look into that..."

February 17, 2004: Kiki Benzon on colonic evacuation.

:February 24, 2004: The time I heard a “traditional” Irish band playing Gordon Lightfoot in a Dublin pub.

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March 15, 2005: Be coal.

April 2, 2005: The Pope-o-metre turns purple!

Thanks everyone! See you all around the blogosphere…

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