Thursday, May 19, 2005

Confidence restored!

Great. Now the Martin Liberals can finally get back to destroying the country. Whew!

Anyway, for an historic vote -- Never before has the Speaker cast the deciding vote in a motion of confidence!!! -- that was really friggin' boring to watch. The commentators on CBC were clearly bored too:
Don (halfway through the yeas on the second bill): There are a lot of Martins in the Commons...
Peter: Yes. There are four Martins...
All things being equal I think that:
a) a delayed election is good for the Conservatives;
b) but the loss of Belinda will hurt the Conservatives more in the long run; and
c) the Liberals gain of Belinda will hurt them more in the long run than it has helped them now. Yeah -- appoint a unilingual anglophone minister to implement post-Gomery reform, one who happens to (now) be one of the most hated women in Quebec for helping a corrupt government Quebecers despise stay in power. That won't backfire at all.

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