Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good Morning Vietnam.

In certain circles, I am generally acknowledged to be a champion sleeper. I will sleep -- and have slept -- through thunderstorms, earthquakes, noisy roommate sex and yappy Bouviers without problem.

But I have met my match. This morning at 7:00 a.m., a bunch of clodhopping contractors invaded the floor above my basement apartment and began doing their best sonic imitation of the Blue Man Group playing roller hockey with the Vietcong. Of course, this would happen the morning after I had stayed up until 3:30 a.m. watching The Revenge of the Sith. (For work. No, really.)

This must be how Peter MacKay feels...

Anyway, the floors above me are being redone because the house is going on sale. Consequently, so is my cozy little basement apartment, as I learned in a letter from my (usually quite wonderful) landlord on Tuesday night.

I am therefore looking for a new apartment, to move in July 1. If any of you know of a nice place in one of Toronto's less-lame neighbourhoods (The Annex, Queen West, Little Portugal, Cabbagetown, Little Italy, etc.), I would appreciate any leads you might have.
I would like to come up from underground and I wouldn't mind a roommate who wouldn't mind me. (I'm a mild-mannered reporter by day, and remain so during the night.)

I'm at jkelly -at- and will be indebted for any help.


Hi y'all.

A small note on this pre-writ return to blogging: It is true. I am weak. (You couldn't even wait nine more hours to find out if there's a Spring election? No.)

But I am actually finding that I accomplish the same or less sans blogging as I did with. As a compromise with myself, I will no longer forbid myself from blogging, but worry less about being regular or interesting. If you previously thought that On the Fence was irregular and boring, well, you're going to just love On the Fence v2.

(Fair warning: I may quit again if offered a Senate seat.)

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