Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On Similarities versus Differences

From CBC News Sunday:
CAROLE MACNEIL: You've heard the comment that Paul Martin, that you're Paul Martin in a cocktail dress? (laughs)

BELINDA STRONACH: Well, he probably agrees with me that I might look a little better in a cocktail dress.


CAROLE MACNEIL: He probably would. Um, what's the difference between you and Paul Martin?

BELINDA STRONACH: Well, I believe there is quite a difference between Paul Martin and I. We have different experiences in business. I have created a lot of jobs in this country. We've had a strong manufacturing uh, have had a strong manufacturing contribution, created lots of jobs in this country. It's different, I'm not comparing, but I'm saying it is quite different. Second, I do not have necessarily the political experience of Paul Martin, we have lots of political experience in Ottawa at the moment, and look at the situation we're in. I do believe I bring a fresh and I bring a new approach to government.

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