Friday, May 20, 2005

Thursday was a good day for the NDP...

Yes, the Martin-Layton budget passed. But, on the future election front, columnist and high-profile UQAM professor Léo-Paul Lauzon announced that he will most likely run for the Dippers in Outremont. Outremont, home of much-loved minister Jean Lapierre, was the Quebec riding where the NDP got the biggest share of the vote in 2004. (Admittedly a mere 10%.)

Of course, if the reception that greeted former-sovereigntist Lapierre when he ran for the Libs was any indication, the media will jump over the fact that Lauzon is a sovereigntist. (So perhaps Layton should restrain himself from any more outbursts about parties "getting into bed with the separatists.") I, for one, take it is as a good sign when a sovereigntist joins a federal party other than the Bloc.

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