Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Look Who's Blogging, Too

Why, it's Rick Mercer of Rick Mercer's Monday Report. Or rather, Rick Mercer formerly of Rick Mercer's Monday Report, now of The Rick Mercer Report. (See: "Holy Crap! They moved me to Tuesdays.") Writes Mercer:
I have found that I spend a fair bit of time reading blogs lately and thought I’d give one a whirl.

I ask you: Is there anything more pathetic than sitting indoors while the sun is shining reading a blog written by Monte Solberg? That Monte, he can be kind of funny for a nut.

In an effort to be fair I would mention a Liberal blog that I read, but I’ve never stumbled on one that is interesting.

Like the Prime Minster and all new bloggers, I promise to write everyday but I probably won’t. But please check back.
I certainly hope the merry prankster keeps his promise, because already he's making a big smash on the WWW. For instance, this afternoon Mercer bought www.jasonkenney.org (as in Conservative MP Jason Gays-are-allowed-to-get-married-as-long-as-they-get-married-to-members-of-the-opposite-sex Kenney) and routed it to the Communist Party of Canada's website. It all has something to do with Kenney calling Don Boudria "ignorant" about the Internet... Read it yourself.

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