Monday, June 27, 2005

Shaking it Off

Anders and Dan Shake it Off
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I vived le Quebec ivre this weekend at my friend Lindsay Bernath's cottage near Morin Heights and lived to tell the tale. He sends this dispatch:
Ladies and gentlemen - I want to thank you all for sunning, funning, playing, and rocking at the ninth annual Country Party at Lac Notre Dame. Here are the numbers:

This year we had 46 party people at the event, 34 of which were Hard Core and stayed the full three-days and two-nights. These people consumed a record atomizing 473 beers (156 liters) containing just over 9 liters of pure alcohol - an amount which is approximately equal to total volume of blood in two adult human beings. Are we proud? Should we be? Who cares! I had a great time and so did you....

Also, anti-thanks to all you sleeping people who kept loudly distracting those of us who were trying to play a quiet game of 4 am speed-tag.
Here's another number for you. Total hours of sleep caught this weekend: 9 and a half. So goodnight...

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