Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Final Nail in the World Film Festival's coffin.

Serge Losique has lost it. The beleaguered film-fest director announced yesterday that Karla -- the B-movie about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka starring Laura Prepon that once went by the title Deadly -- will have its world premiere at Montreal's World Film Festival.

Does anyone truly believe Losique when he says Deadly Karla was chosen for its artistic merit, not for its sensational subject matter? M. Directeur appears to be clueless as to what the big deal is. In fact, I heard on CBC Radio this morning that he was actually unaware that the recently-released Karla Homolka was living in Montreal...

I love how snotty Losique is in this La Presse article: "Vous savez, des plaintes, il y en aura toujours pour n'importe quoi. La justice a fait son chemin, nous sommes ici en présence d'un film de fiction, avec des acteurs." Oh yeah, people complain about everything And what's the big deal, since justice has been served...

Particularly annoying was Losique's requisite dig at Ontario, where Premier McGuinty has called for a boycott of Karla: "La censure est plus forte en Ontario... Au Québec, on est plus libéral qu'ailleurs." I guess Losique can't grasp the subtle difference between censorship and a consumer boycott. Really, Losique just loves throwin' a few punches Toronto's way every year, because he's jealous of the top-notch film festival there.

That's it. Last straw. Vive le New Montreal FilmFest.

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