Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hans, Hans, Fingers, Thumbs.

Canadian Press is stretching it a little by claiming that a Google war has erupted between Canada and Denmark over little "occupied" Hans Island. Nevertheless, I appreciate their enthusiasm and encourage nations everywhere to fight their wars over the Internet.

The War on Terror, for instance, could be settled with a Warcraft tournament. And instead of targeting the world's subway systems, terrorists could Google bomb innocent civilians… ("John Q. Public, you are now the number one search result for 'Infidel Swine'. Ha!")

But back to the issue at Hans: I suppose I should side with my fellow countrymen on the issue. But, really, the island is called Hans Island. Seriously, can you get any more Danish than that? H-A-N-S, dudes and dudettes…

I feel so traitorous!

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