Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sober second thinking...

"Huh, what's interesting? Sorry, I was too absorbed in the deliciousness of this rather cheap king can of Löwenbrau to take heed of your prohibitionist prattling." Tart Cider.

Okay, so the Ontario Liberals spent over $500,000 on a panel that recommended auctioning off licences for the province's LCBO outlets. And then Finance Minister Greg Sorbara rejects any thought of privatization an hour later. Was that even enough time to read the report? It's like Sorbara got drunk one night, commissioned a panel at the bar, and then ignored all its phone calls.

Why, oh why is any provincial government in charge of selling spirits? Electricity? Okay... Health? Absolutely. Transportation? Well, sure. Selecting wine? Um... I don't recall electing a sommelier in the last election.

Look, I can deal with the LCBO, even though its huge profits are largely illusory and our addiction to funding public programs with booze sales (and lotteries) is more than a little distasteful. If only the Ontario government ran health care as well as it runs my local brightly-lit LCBO. But the Beer Store is a crime, a near monopoly that is mostly foreign-owned and hurts small brewers and inconveniences the consumer and is ugly and is stupid.

Me want beer at corner store! Like home!

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