Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Karla Coffee Klatch Continues...

There's some interesting discussion in the comments on my recent post on the Montreal World Film Festival's decision to premiere Karla. There's also a lot of Zeke calling me a "bloke" and me calling him "knee-jerk."

Anyways... the last comment I made re: festival director Serge Losique was:
If you truly believe that Losique is an art-film defender, fighting off evil incursions from "Hollywood Glitz" -- and not simply an incompetent festival organizer who should have handed the reins over to some new blood a decade ago -- then how do you explain his decision to include "Karla" as a special presentation? Okay, so Laura Prepon isn't exactly an A-lister, but does "Karla" strike you as an art film? Go take a look at the director and writer's credits on imdb -- heck, wait until you see the actual movie or a few reviews are out -- and then tell me Losique selected this movie for its artistic merit and not because it is attracting a ton of publicity for his film festival.
Then, in one of those moments that makes me love the blogosphere, Karla's writer/director Michael Sellers popped up to defend himself:
I agree that if you view the writer/producer's credits on IMDB you might be inclined to assume that this is a B Movie without redeeming artistic merit. On the other hand, didn't some of our best film-makers toil for some period in B Movie hell before "breaking out"? The producer has made much in the media of how the film is not exploitative, how he has three daughters of his own, etc. Is he serious? Should he be given the benefit of the doubt. Probably not, but the proof will be in the viewing. One final note. Turns out, I'm the writer/producer in question. I believe you have a right to be skeptical. But I also know the truth, and the truth is that this is a serious-minded film which shuns exploitation and seeks to provide insight into a difficult story. In the meantime -- the skepticism is understandable.
Well, I do remain skeptical... But I appreciate Sellers dropping by to toss his two cents in. We'll have to wait for the premiere.

In the meantime, here's a question for you: Why has the FFM removed the triumphant press release announcing that Karla will be a part of the festival from its website? It has vanished from its communiqu├ęs de presse page. Not the publicity Losique was looking for?

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