Monday, August 29, 2005

Kumbaya, my lord... Kumbaya.

Punk'd continued I: Warren K. has responded to my post about Carl Wilson's column about Fury's Hour. (I laughed upon reading this line: "Being Kelly, Kelly also attempts to get everyone to link arms and sing campfire tunes." I may add that to On the Fence's mission statement.)

Punk'd continued II: Reader Herb has left an interesting comment on the politics & punk.

Non-punk related question: Why is Canada's Miss Universe Natalie Glebova currently the number 2 search on Technorati?


The aforementioned Kinsella post has disappeared. (Apparently, the non-me-related part of the post was the reason for its erasure.) But Carl "Zoilus" Wilson, back from his weekend away, has responded not once, but twice. And has he got a neato parry: an e-mail from Kinsella circa 2003 asking for help for his book on punk.

To which Kinsella replies: "'Zoilus'? Not quite. More like Soils Himself. Tit."

Nice comeback. But the match goes to Zoilus methinks.

Okay, now take the hand of the person next to you. Ready? Michael row the boat ashore... Hallelujah...

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