Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lynndie Pop

Here's my interview with Waneta Storms, the Canadian actress who is playing Lynndie England in Judith Thompson's My Pyramids at the Edinburgh Fringe.

I have issues with the premise for this show, which Thompson describes as "a playwright's free associative improvisation around the question of female notoriety. All of the events that the character narrates are imagined, with the exception, of course, of the images seen around the world."

As a "political play" then, My Pyramids is useless. When you mix fact and fiction to make a political point, well that point is not worth the stage it is acted upon.

However, as a drama starring a character called Lynndie England, My Pyramids is quite a compelling one-person show. Storms is a fabulous actress and her Lynndie is a horrible, but fascinating woman -- a slightly sympathetic sadist. I liked how Thompson drew the links between the rough teasing (her) Lynndie experienced and participated in as a child and the "abuse" she would perpetrate in the future. It's kind of like Lynndie, instead of taking it out on her fellow students in a Columbine, saved her rage and revenge for her military service... And enjoyed it.

Worth a showing back home. Hope it gets a full production here soon.

In other Fringe news, congratulations to honorary Canuck comedians Mark and Shenoah from The Pyjama Men (formerly Sabotage) who have won The Fairtrade Dubble Act Award for their show "Stop Not Going."

In further fringe news, my new apartment has hardwood floors. Hyuck.

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