Saturday, August 06, 2005

On the Fence Visits... Great Britain!

Yes, I'm flying overseas in a few short hours for a two-week trip that will take me to London and Edinburgh and encompass both business and pleasure. (In Edinburgh, I'm going to pop in on Sean from that MP3 blog sensation Said the Gramophone.)

Fear not, oh monarchists, I shall be both respectful and couth when visiting Buckingham Palace. I have a deep respect for tradition and heritage, but also the brains to not live in a fantasy world of the past. Hopefully, I'll run into Prince Harry, my fav bad-boy Royal.

Anyway, while I am away I will try to stay away from the blog -- though I may pop by from time to time. In my stead, a monarchist: Mr. Sean Carrie, who guest blogged for me last July too. When he's not collecting Royal Family paraphenalia, Mr. Carrie enjoys watching Bill Murray movies, purchasing books in bulk, and the occasional game of squash. He is fluent in one of those Chinese languages (Mandarin, I believe) and has many interesting thoughts on the presidency of James Polk. I leave you in his capable hands.

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