Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Entitled... to your wrong-ass opinion.

Yes, the people who are driving me batty are those like Kate of Small Dead Animals, who, instead of feeling sorry for the people who stayed or were left behind to die in New Orleans, sneer at the victims, blame them, tarnish them all as anti-social looters. Those who write, as Kate has, that "They stayed in their homes and ignored warnings, and placed their children and elderly in danger, because they have been trained that government can always be counted on to provide."

I cannot understand this way of thinking. To paraphrase: The poor folks who stayed or were stuck behind in New Orleans did not follow government directives to evacuate, because they are too reliant on the government. They didn't let the government save them because they were convinced the government would save them. What? What!?!

Thank you Tart Cider for this.

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