Saturday, September 17, 2005

I don't care what you say...

Just get my name right. The latest mispelling is Newstruck, in Kevin Chong's piece in the Vancouver Sun about the Kinsella/Wilson blog bust-up.

My favourite mispelling, however, happened in my last year of university. The NDP leadership campaign was going on and I went to a Jack Layton fundraiser because a friend was playing her guitar at it. It was a pretty small dinner and I ended up sitting next to Jack for a while. I told him that he should shave his moutache. Over and over.

Anyway, there was a fair amount of wine purchased by Layton and I drank a fair amount of that fair amount. By the end of the evening, I agreed to purchase a cheap student NDP membership so I could vote for him in the leadership campaign. I also agreed to try to grow a moustache myself. And then I toasted to Quebec independence.

When my membership card arrived in the mail a few weeks later, it was made out to J. Kelly Nestcock.

And that was the end of my involvement in partisan politics. (I didn't even vote in the leadership race.)

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