Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sketchy country.

North Korea through the eyes of French Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle:
Delisle's wry, skeptical perspective permeates Pyongyang. He casts a light on numerous absurdities of the "paradise of the proletariat," where listening to the transistor radio he snuck in or drinking a can of Coke becomes an act of defiance. During his stay, he lived in a small room at the Yangakkdo hotel, which is on its own small island not far from downtown. One of three hotels reserved for ex-pat workers, only the 15th floor was ever lit.

Delisle, who brought along George Orwell's 1984 to read on his trip, compares the Yangakkdo to the seaside village Number 6 was confined to on the cult TV show The Prisoner. "The only things missing on the set are the howling balls that shoot out of the water when you try to escape," he writes in the graphic novel, accompanied by an illustration of a Rover coming at him out of the Taedong River.

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