Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Having a Paradise Cow. (Worst post title, ever.)

Whatchabin up to lately, Kelly?

Oh, nothin' much. Been chattin' about the suicide-bomber drama Paradise Now over at Small Dead Animals... And by chattin', I mean, I'm all, "If it were hate propaganda, the Israel Film Fund wouldn't be underwriting its distribution in Israel... There is plenty to argue about in the film -- parts seemed sanitized to me -- but overall, it's a worthwhile film and a welcome contribution to a civil discourse on the issue..." And then the kids reply, "Fuck You, JKelly and other murder supporters. Go to hell."

Sigh. Direct quote, yo.

Anyway, why don't you go read the misguided ideological take on the film over there and then read my guided anti-ideological comments and then go see the film yourself when it comes to town. Then I don't have to write a post about it.

Speaking of Small Dead Animals, say what you will about Kate, but she has really revolutionized 'posting the cat' in her latest post, in which she posts a picture of a mummified cat a friend found during renovations. Now that's catblogging I cat get behind. Woof!

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