Saturday, October 01, 2005

Interesting tidbit from last night's Metric show in Ottawa...

According to frontwoman Emily Haines, Hummer asked to use the Metric song "Succexy" in an advertisement. That would be the song whose lyrics go:
Invasion's so succexy

Let's drink to the military
The glass is empty
Faces to fill and cars to feed
Nothing could beat complete denial
Well, that's a real Hummer-dinger, now isn't it? And they said irony was run over by a Hummer. It wasn't!

We would also like to say that the word "succexy" makes us cringe when we see it written down. When we hear it aloud, however, it sounds kinda succexy. So read this blog entry to a friend. Then, make out.

"Ace show, P.S.," says my Ottawa-based concert arm-candy. True. It was. As for the new disc Live it Out, more listening is needed to determine the precise level of rawk.

Bonus: On the Fence's previous thoughts on the subject of Ms. Haines.

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